Service " Contract balancing"

Everything that turns must be balanced! This will improve the running smoothness, efficiency and service life of your systems.

We balance for you according to DIN-ISO 1940 on state-of-the-art horizontal and vertical balancing machines, quickly and cost-effectively:

Rollers, shafts, tools, pot-shaped, square, conical and cylindrical bodies, as single parts, serial parts or assemblies.

FOR EXAMPLE: Small rotors from the dental sector, air drives, or electric motor rotors (also highly magnetic), motor and drive components from automobile and aircraft construction, mechanical engineering elements, agricultural engineering, tools and centrifuges etc., from 2g to approx. 400kg.


  • Rotor lengths up to approx. 3000mm,
  • Clamping device etc.
  • Balancing serial parts: with automatic material removal

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